˹Ben Simmonsóҥԣ76˽ײǡ˹De’aaron Fox̩˹٣Tyrese Haliburton

˹Ben Simmonsóҥԣ76˵Ľײǡ˹De’aaron Fox̩˹٣Tyrese Haliburton
˹Ben Simmons

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If the Kings truly aren’t interested in trading Fox or Haliburton?before the Feb. 10 trade deadline there are always a lot of smokescreens to navigate?around this part of the NBA calendar then their?goal of acquiring?Simmons would become a lot more challenging.

Sacramento’s interest in the three-time All-Star is well-documented, but Philadelphia president of basketball operations Daryl Morey hasn’t backed down from his high asking price. Fox or Haliburton would be the centerpiece of any hypothetical Simmons deal between the 76ers and Kings, so it seems as though Sacramento is off the table as a Simmons landing spot, unless the front office changes its stance or involves a third team. Morey does not appear interested in accepting a few role players and NBA Draft picks when he has already held out this long.

The Kings could hypothetically?shop Marvin Bagley III, Buddy Hield, Richaun Holmes or Harrison Barnes in a deal to balance the money it would take to acquire Simmons.

Bagley III has?an expiring contract at $11.3 million.
Hield signed a four-year, $94 million?contract extension in 2019 and is set to make $22.4 million this season.
Barnes?signed four-year,?$85 million?contract in 2019, as well.
Holmes signed four-year, $46.5 million?contract this past offseason and has a 15 percent?trade kicker attached to his deal, so moving him seems the least probable.
Simmons?signed a four-year, $169.5 million extension in 2019 and is on the books for $31.6 million this season, which escalates to $38.6 million by the end of the deal.
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